Expect a Long Road

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There have been a lot of bytes spilt on the plight of independent developers in the iOS App Store on blogs(here, here, here, here, and here are a small sample) and podcasts (here, here, and here). I followed this conversation with great interest because I hope to create a healthy side business developing iOS apps.

I gathered a lot of useful information that I may comment on in future posts, but the two most valuable lessons I found were to not invest too much time on the 1.0 (Ninety Days) and to expect a long road (Five Hard Lessons Learned from Unread). I really see the value of getting a reasonable first pass out to the market so others can see your vision and tell you if your onto something or they just don’t see the value. Then once you are onto something, the goal of a sustainable business is still a long way off with a lot of work in between. I’m fine with that. I can put in the work.

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