IBM and Swift

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What IBM does in the technology field has little bearing on me anymore. They are in the business of consulting and services to very large enterprises and my interests lie largely on the opposite end of the spectrum. So it is a little bit of cherry picking when I mention their adoption of Swift on their servers and cloud services as a positive sign for Swift. A more balanced view would that it’s interesting that IBM is putting some wood behind their Swift efforts.

IBM does have an enterprise deal with Apple and if Apple is moving toward Swift why wouldn’t they. Swift being open source gives IBM more reason to put it on their servers and cloud. IBM already develops their own JVM which I assume they have to license and pay money to Oracle to do and since Oracle is a competitor why would they want to keep doing that especially for a technology that has seen its heyday. If they can build new platforms and applications using an existing partners technology that they don’t have to license it makes sense for them to go in this direction.

So while IBM supporting Swift isn’t a big deal for me, it does improve the likely hood of Swift’s long-term viability which is interesting.

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