Same Stuff Keep Coming Back Up

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There are certain ideas that make the rounds with me and I don’t really know how to shake them. Things like blogging, podcasting, video production, video game development, educational game development, teaching, and starting my own company continue to bubble up to the front of my mind after I’ve gone off on some tangent. I’m not really sure if the fact that they keep coming back is supposed to be meaningful. It could be that there’s just some deeply embedded adolescent fantasy related to all these things and that I need to move past them. There’s also the theory that the themes that keep coming up in your life are those you should pursue.

What to Do?

I think it’s come time to put up or shut-up. It’s time to really make an effort at each one of these things and find out if they are areas I want to pursue or if they are just ideas that sound good in theory. It’s time to put together a plan, a schedule, a commitment to each one of these things, and then a reflection on how they fit into who I want to be and where I want to go.

Two Commitments

Since I have other commitments next week, I will start posting once a week on Thursday for 6 months. At that point I’ll evaluate the results of that commitment and see if I will continue. That evaluation will be either a commitment to continue or a commitment that I have thoroughly evaluated blogging and it is not the right channel for me to express myself.

My other commitment will be to creating an iOS game that includes elements of teaching. I have some projects that I’m still cleaning up, but this project will be my primary side-project. When I complete the project, I will commit to make a decision as to whether game development is a viable path for me to pursue or if it simply a fantasy that I need to put away.

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