AWS CodeStar and TypeScript - Part 1

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This will be a multi-part series on using TypeScript in an AWS CodeStar project. I don’t have the writing stamina or ability to put this all in one post. Heck, I don’t know how much I will get into each post, but I will work through what I’ve learned about getting started with on this path.

For background, I did an experiment where I implemented a Restful service with Node-TypeScript-Express, Ruby-Sinatra, Python-Flask, and Java-Jersey. You can see these over on GitHub and yes I will eventually do a writeup of my thoughts on the experiment. I was about to do another implementation of the service using AWS Lambda and Python (which feels like the most natural fit in my opinion) when AWS CodeStar was announced. I did a little poking around and found a template for creating an Express project and decided that since I enjoyed developing the Node-TypeScript-Express version of the service the most, I would use this Express template and see if I could get TypeScript to work and then make the effort to port the Node-TypeScript-Express to a CodeStar project.

Baby Steps

The first step was getting starting the project which was as simple as clicking “Start a project.” CodeStar Start

Then choosing to start an Express.js Lambda project: Express Project

After naming the project Express Project

and getting information on the CodeCommit repository that was setup Express Project

I got to the project dashboard that gives the status of the build and waited for the project to build and deploy Express Project

and then clicked on the “Application endpoint” to verify the build. Express Project

The next post will focus on the template code the CodeStar project created for us. If you have any questions or think that some aspect needs further explanation, contact me at or brian_yamabe on Twitter.

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