Poor Question Example 2

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Which if the services could spread across Multi-AZ (chose 2 correct answers)

A. EC2 B. ELB C. RDS D. Dynamo DB E. EBS

The correct answers are said to be B and C. First, the grammar is poor. Second, you can “enable cross-zone load balancing” for ELB and “provision a Multi-AZ DB Instance” RDS, and for DynamoDB “The service runs across Amazon’s proven, high-availability data centers. The service replicates data across three facilities in an AWS Region to provide fault tolerance in the event of a server failure or Availability Zone outage.” B,C, and D are all available Multi-AZ. If the question were what services are optionally Multi-AZ then the answer would be B and C but that is not how the question is worded.

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