Why Blog

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In my attempts to be a consistent blogger, I’ve read books, including ProBlogger and Platform and blogs like ProBlogger and Become a Blogger and almost all of them have you ask yourself why you’re blogging. They are pretty clear that without a strong reason to blog doing it consistently is highly unlikely. I’ve come up with more than a few answers to the question such as, “keep a record of what I’m doing with my girls so they know what I was thinking while they were growing up,” and “logging my daily experiences that might be useful to someone else.”

So What’s It Going to Be This Time

Another tip for being a “successful” blogger is to be focused, but I’ve always found that focus just leads to a dearth of posts. I’m never sure if what I’m currently interested fits the focus of the blog. I have tried to force a fit, but that just makes the writing too difficult.

So, I don’t know what the focus is going to be. I’m going to experiment and play around until I find a topic and a voice. I know I want to talk about building apps and the surround tech ecosystem. I will talk about books I read which are mostly about programming, small business, productivity, and Christianity. I will point out interesting articles and podcasts. I may throw in some TV shows, YouTube videos, anime, and manga that I enjoy. How will this have any kind of “through line?” I don’t know except that it is all stuff I enjoy. A little of it is just entertainment, but most of the stuff I enjoy has some sort of lesson either real or imagined.

The Ulterior Motive

I do have an underlying motive and that is to build my credibility so others will trust the products (like apps) and services (like employment) I provide and enable me to sell them.

How Do I Document?

I don't have an answer to the question. I'm just riffing here. Trying to figure out how to create value for a yet to be determined audien...… Continue reading

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