Starting Over Again

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Here I go again. Another attempt at blogging consistently. Will it be any different? I hope so.

Why will it be any different?

  1. I’m not restarting Vocation in the Valley. That site has some very specific expectations regarding the type of content. I (and if anyone still reads it) expect that site to focus on my vocations as father, husband, Lutheran laymen, etc. and generally on how my life is influenced by my faith in Christ. I feel that I’m pretty free to take this site in any direction I want.

  2. I’m not striving for perfection. As the tagline implies, I’m not going to try for my usually perfection or efficiency. In parts of my life, those traits help me by pushing to be better or get more done. But with blogging and apps and endeavors where I’m the ultimate gatekeeper, I just tend to not ship or work on things unless I can be perfect and efficient. I’m going to ramble. I’m going to publish rough drafts. I’m going to ship apps that need to be iterated on. I just want to do stuff and improve.

  3. I just want it to be. I don’t honestly know if I’ll sustain this past today, but I have reasons that I want to blog that lead me to think I can be more consistent.

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