45 and Done with Goals

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I got an email today about having goals that inspire you. At least a couple times a week I hear a podcast or read a blog post about goals. What do you want to do? What makes your heart soar? What speaks to you? What can’t you stop thinking about? It’s this inwardly focused goal setting that I’m burnt out on.

I’ve dreamed of the big career, big money, independence, blah blah blah. But I’ve never followed through on the goals I set to achieve those things. Why? Mostly because they aren’t the things that are important to me. I’ll take a few steps on the path to the “big goals” and then jump off the path to attend to what my wife and daughters need. I learned very early in my marriage what focus on your career can do (80+ hours for months at a time) and I never want to do that again.

If my employment situation changes it might be necessary to compromise on some the family stuff I’m able to attend to, but I’ll talk to my girls and we’ll make a decision together as to how to proceed.

I’m 45 today. I can look a lot of the goals I’ve set in the past and see that I haven’t accomplished them, but I couldn’t be happier with where I am. I have a wonderful family, a nice place to work, and a Savior who continues to deliver His gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation.

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