The TouchID on my iPhone has been flakey for the last month so I took it to the Apple store and I got a replacement with very little hassle. The whole experience is why I stick with Apple products. I rarely have problems with any of my devices, but when I do I know where to go for support.

I broke my habit chain in several areas yesterday. I was on a pretty good role for me, but the last day away on vacation got me out of a productive mindset. I’ve often stewed on failures like this and finally kicked myself into action after a few days/weeks got me feeling guilty or some external trigger got me to try to create another good chain. Or I would try to start the chain again right away, but the guilt of just having broken it would eat at me and I’d end up with a cluster of chains that were 1 or 2 days long.

This time I’m just going with the mindset that I will break the chain occasionally, but I’m going to keep getting better and have longer ones. I just need to start a new one right now. Not put it off, try to justify my failure, or any other kind of excuse; just start again. Of all the productivity tips I know, the one that hits closest to home is to just keep starting. Fail at something, just start again. Succeed at something, start again. Don’t like the outcome of something, start something else. Spinning on anything isn’t going to move you forward. It really is as simple as “keep starting.”

I went swimming today with the girls. To be more precise, I went to the pool with the girls and they went swimming. I had my swim trunks on in case they wanted me to go in, but they had fun playing with each other and their cousin so I was off the hook. I read some and just relaxed. I thought about going in, but I wanted to remember this as the first time the girls went to the pool and didn’t need dad. I just wanted to soak in the fact that they are growing up. So proud of both of them.

I had the pleasure of playing golf twice this week with my 12yo and it is truly one of the most enjoyable things I get to do these days. Each time we play she grows in skill and confidence. When she gets a little stronger we’ll be pretty even, and if I don’t step up my consistently she will start beating me.

My 7yo likes to golf a little and has some natural ability. I don’t know if golf will be her thing like it is for her sister, but I do want to find something we can do together. I know some people rightly criticize golf for how long it takes, but when those hours our spent with your daughter there isn’t much that can compare.

There have been a lot of bytes spilt on the plight of independent developers in the iOS App Store on blogs(here, here, here, here, and here are a small sample) and podcasts (here, here, and here). I followed this conversation with great interest because I hope to create a healthy side business developing iOS apps.

I gathered a lot of useful information that I may comment on in future posts, but the two most valuable lessons I found were to not invest too much time on the 1.0 (Ninety Days) and to expect a long road (Five Hard Lessons Learned from Unread). I really see the value of getting a reasonable first pass out to the market so others can see your vision and tell you if your onto something or they just don’t see the value. Then once you are onto something, the goal of a sustainable business is still a long way off with a lot of work in between. I’m fine with that. I can put in the work.