Almost a Complete Newbie

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I am almost a complete newbie when it comes to using Node.js and all the other JavaScript frameworks I’m planning to use for this project. I used JavaScript for some web apps pre-jQuery and a little bit of Ajax stuff using jQuery, but I don’t have any experience with modern JavaScript or how it is used on the server side.

I’m also going to be trying to BDD everything which I’ve done a little bit of and found helpful, but I’ve always ditched it mid-project because it would get hard to keep the discipline when UI elements entered the picture or a new concept would cause me to rewrite old tests. I’m hoping that documenting these difficulties will help me think through the difficulties and maintain the discipline.

I plan to make better use of Git as well. I’ve tried to adhere to branching for each new feature on several projects, but it always suffers the same fate as BDD. I just want to keep moving and the discipline to maintain a branching strategy goes out the window. I’m going to try to use GitFlow and I’m hoping once again that documenting my experience will help me maintain my discipline.

Lastly, consistently carving out time to work on this project will be difficult. Besides my wife and daughters, I have my work commitments of course, I have serveral offices and obligations with my church, and I’m a Warriors fan in middle of another playoff run. In this area I’ll also be writing about how I’m fitting everything in.

I’m really looking forward to all these challenges. I want to test and improve my focus and my skills.

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