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A couple months back I started a simple iOS project that would display flash cards for Luther’s Small Catechism. It seemed like a good opportunity to really focus on learning Swift and do a project that would be edifying for the church. What bothered me was that the app would be iOS only. The Triglotta app is iOS only and I do get requests for an Android version but I don’t have any interest in working in Java for a side project since I get plenty of exposure to it at work. At the same time I’ve been studying Node.js and the frameworks built on top of it like Angular 2 and Ember.js. This got me thinking about building a flash card web service. I could then build a web front end using a JavaScript framework and I could also build an iOS native app as well. I could also expose the API someone else could build an Android native client if they wanted to.

Once again I’m starting off in a new direction. My current thinking is to build the web service using Node.js and Ember.js with a MySQL database. I would use Angular 2 to develop the web front end and eventually build an iOS native client in Swift. I’m going to commit to using BDD to develop the whole thing. I’m going to work on it every day in some way, and I’m going to blog about it in some way every day. Vacations might be an exception, but I’m going make every effort to make some progress and blog about it even then.

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