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As I prepare for the move to a new machine I’m planning how to migrate all my software and documents. In previous transitions I have used Apple’s Migration Assistant to pull over my existing programs and documents and that has worked well. This time however, I want to take and essentialist’s approach to what I add to this new machine so I will only bring documents and add software that I truly need to accomplish my goals. As part of this, I expect to have a series of posts that document my justification for why I’m adding various tools. Hopefully this will help me better think through my decisions and help others think about their own tool choices.

Development tools

  • Xcode - While I’m not focusing on iOS or macOS development at this time, I do have an app to support and there is always a part of me that thinks about jumping back into iOS development. Additionally, Xcode also installs some tools that are necessary for development on the Mac in general
  • Homebrew - It is the most popular package manager for the Mac and I’ve found that using it to manage installing open source software and their related dependencies much easier to manage with Homebrew than to do it manually. That being said, I’ve run into version and package availability issues that have made me unhappy. I’m not sure if this is due to a lack of support by Homebrew or lack of understanding on my part. This go around I plan to be more deliberate and intentional when installing packages and I will make a concerted effort to understand the issues I have when I run into problems with package installation.
  • Visual Studio Code (VSC) - It has become my goto editor and pseudo-IDE for web development. It has even become my primary text editor (I’m writing this post in VSC). I like the support it has for the various web programming languages and styles and the way it integrates with external tools like git and the command line. I’m not convinced that it works well with large text files or system files so I may need to install BBEdit on the new machine, but I will hold off on that for as long as possible and will definitely have a post for that because that is a non-trivial decision in my mind (from the perspective of an essentialist).

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