Still Adding Tools

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I added some more tools today:

  1. Installed MarsEdit which I use for my WordPress blogs. In addition to this blog which I run on Jekyll, I maintain 3 other blogs that are WordPress based. MarsEdit handles them well and I haven’t seen the need to change. If there is ever a new version I’d probably by it just to support the developer because I don’t need any new features but appreciate the many years I’ve used the tool.
  2. Installed PDFPenPro 7 which isn’t the latest version. I use this occasionally to work with PDFs. It’s one of those tools that I will use eventually and don’t want to hunt around for it and mess around with licenses when I do.
  3. Installed Audio Hijack for podcast recording. I’m currently doing most recording on my iPhone, but I will probably try the workflow on this machine at some point.
  4. Installed Fission for simple editing. I use GarageBand for long form editing like podcasts, but I use Fission for editing the sermons for the church because I just need to edit the beginning and end and export at a reasonable bit-rate.
  5. Installed Pocket Safari Extension because I use Pocket for bookmarking URLs. I do need to rethink bookmarking tools because my backlog of things to read and watch is reaching nearly 3 years. I’m not really sure this is the most effective way to manage stuff I want to read and links I want to save.
  6. Installed Pocket app to read my Pocket list. I could read it from the web app, but I like native apps because they typically have more functionality than a web app especially offline viewing.
  7. Installed Better Rename 9 for conveniently batch renaming files. It’s not something I do often, but it comes in handy when I do.
  8. Installed Eclipse for Java development. This is my workhorse tool at my day job so it’s another tool I need to test the suitability of this machine for work.

That’s all for today. I think I’m close to forming some solid opinions about working with this machine and I’ll have a write-up soon.

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