First Post - From the New MacBook Pro

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This is my first post from the new MacBook Pro.

Here what I’ve done so far:

  1. Installed Microsoft Remote Desktop as an experiment to see what it would take to use a Mac in my day-job environment.
  2. Installed VPN Unlimited client so that I have a VPN connection in untrusted network environments.
  3. Installed Karabiner Elements. This is a new one. I used Karabiner and Seil to remap the caps lock key to cmd-opt-ctrl-shift on my old MacBook Pro, but in macOS Sierra this no longer works. I dug around found this was the latest solution. Now why do I remap the caps lock key this way. The cmd-opt-ctrl-shift- makes a great shortcut to launch apps, go to websites, or open directories. It's part of my muscle memory and makes me more productive. I found that Karabiner Elements lets me map the escape key to the right-side option key and I've mapped the right-side command key to opt-ctr-shift which I also use for some shortcuts. These last two mappings are new to me, but the escape key mapping is helping because of the lack of physcial escape key and the opt-ctrl-shift mapping seemed like a good mapping to try. It was noticable from the wear patterns on the old MacBook Pro's keyboard that I almost never used these keys.
  4. Installed JDK 8 so I could experiment with day-job scenarios.
  5. Installed Xcode and Xcode Tools because I will eventually need to update some of my iOS apps or start new ones and also for Homebrew.
  6. Installed Homebrew to manage open source packages.
  7. Installed rvm and them imploded it because it seems that rbenv is now the popular way to manage ruby installations on the MacBook
  8. Installed rbenv and ruby-build
  9. Installed ruby 2.3.2
  10. Installed jekyll
  11. Installed Visual Studio Code as my text editor. I’ve come to like it for JavaScript development and it does mostly what I need from a general purpose text editor but I will monitor its strengths and shortcomings.
  12. I then played around with the bash prompt and uploaded my ssh key to my blogging host so I can rsync the blog without having to type in my password every time.

That’s all the software I’ve installed so far. I’m trying to stay in the bounds of only installing stuff when I have the need. I probably have a few more posts on stuff I’m installing and why. I think I want to use the machine a little longer before I start praising or complaining about the machine itself.

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