A New Era

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I could make this a post about turning over a new blogging leaf, but I’ve broken that promise too many times to kid myself into thinking this time I’ll stick with it. No the “new era” for me is the move from my 2010 15” MacBook Pro to a new 2016 15” MacBook Pro. This will be one of the last posts from this old workhorse which has served me well.

It is amazing to me that this computer has served me so well and for 6 years. The only upgrade I’ve done is the 512GB SSD drive. It has held up wonderfully except for the GPU panics that have always plagued it, started getting worse a year ago, and finally became a near daily occurrence 3 months ago. When I got the machine I paid extra for the matte screen and I feel like I’m going to really miss it, but getting a Retina display and brighter colors should balance out my screen concerns.

One of my goal is to become and essentialist which means I want to make more deliberate and intentional choices. To that end I plan to make future posts discussing my choice of the MacBook Pro, how I’m migrating to the new machine, the software I install, and any of the other myriad of choice I make. My typical M.O. is to make a well thought out and carefully planned initial decision, but once things get rolling I start doing things haphazardly, letting momentum take me where I don’t necessarily mean to go.

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