Keep Starting

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I broke my habit chain in several areas yesterday. I was on a pretty good role for me, but the last day away on vacation got me out of a productive mindset. I’ve often stewed on failures like this and finally kicked myself into action after a few days/weeks got me feeling guilty or some external trigger got me to try to create another good chain. Or I would try to start the chain again right away, but the guilt of just having broken it would eat at me and I’d end up with a cluster of chains that were 1 or 2 days long.

This time I’m just going with the mindset that I will break the chain occasionally, but I’m going to keep getting better and have longer ones. I just need to start a new one right now. Not put it off, try to justify my failure, or any other kind of excuse; just start again. Of all the productivity tips I know, the one that hits closest to home is to just keep starting. Fail at something, just start again. Succeed at something, start again. Don’t like the outcome of something, start something else. Spinning on anything isn’t going to move you forward. It really is as simple as “keep starting.”

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