It Works vs. It Might Work Better

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I really enjoy podcasts. I could probably give up any other form of media, but not them. I currently use Downcast to listen to podcasts on my iPhone and video podcasts on my iPad. There are a couple of newer podcast apps namely Overcast and Castro. Finally, there is Pocket Casts which I have been tempted on numerous occasions to try. With these interesting alternatives around, should I make the leap and try the others out?

Not Completely About Money

If I were to buy Castro, Pocket Casts, and Overcast it would cost a grand total of $12.97. I spent about this much 3 years ago when I was initially comparing podcast apps. Am I too cheap to pay out $12.97? No, but there’s more to it than the dollar amount and that is really something I need to remember as I try to develop and sell my own apps. Downcast currently works perfectly well for me. I don’t work around anything. It’s not just good enough, it suits me very well.

I really find it hard to justify paying any amount without a clear benefit. I imagine this plays out similarly across the App Store especially in the case of those who are willing to work around minor problems. If you have a nearly endless supply of free and are willing to live with good enough you probably don’t see the value in ever paying for an app.

I’m Not Consistent

Even though I’m willing to spend money on podcast apps, there are categories which I don’t value enough to spend $0.99. This morning I downloaded 5 free ab workout apps. I can’t tell you their names nor did I take the time to link to them. But I willing to bet that there are a good number of people who are willing to pay for fitness apps because for them good enough isn’t.

What If I’m Missing Some Benefit

I’m sure there are people who once they find something, they will stick with it until its broken (I’m talking narrowly about apps, different areas of life will be handled differently just like like the app segmentation I spoke of before). But I’m always looking for an improvement in my podcast app. I’m always looking for an improvement in my podcast app, so I’ll read the review of every new app or version, but it’s up to the developer to convince me to pay to leave Downcast.

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