Giving Away My Work

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I hope to build a full-time business making tech products that confess, teach, and defend the Faith once delivered to the saints. With that in mind, I have been building a couple of apps and trying to figure out what to charge for them so that I can progress toward this goal. And now those apps have stagnated. One is mostly in a good state, but it doesn’t have the features I would make money from and has been stagnant for a couple of months. The other app is about ready to be user tested, but it’s been in that state for about a month. Both have stagnated for the same reason: fear.

Root of Multiple Fears

There are multiple fears in play hear. Fear of not being good enough, offending people, failure, etc. Most of these fears would be alleviated if I weren’t planning on charging for the apps. I think there is value in the work I’ve done, but I’m not sure how much or if anyone else will perceive that value and if a person makes a purchase will my work meet or exceed the value that was paid for?

I’m missing out on several things at this point. I’m not learning anything about pricing or running a profitable business, and I’m also not learning about what is valuable to people and how to ship a great product. The thing I’m considering is not charging for the apps and giving people value for free. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful job and I don’t need to make money from my apps at this point. The value for me of learning from shipping, building a reputation, and learning about what people are interested in is good enough for me right now. My hope is that these experiences will guide me into the time when I can feel comfortable in switching things into a business.

What’s Next

My plan is to focus on cleaning up the apps and getting them into shape based on not charging for them. I’ll take the summer to do testing and actually try to do some experimental marketing in hopes of a Reformation Day release.

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