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I’m a long time Java developer with years of J2EE-like application experience. The software I’ve worked on for the last 10+ years is deployed on JBoss into enterprises. We largely treat the application and applcation server as a single monolith that is installed via a typical installer. We have never treated the .ear file as a self-deployable entity and we have no development practices that support that type of deployment.

After a false start in 2014 we are again making the attempt to “take our application into the cloud.” In our first attempt, our team had a lot of misconceptions about what moving to the cloud meant. The most positive aspect of our current attempt is that we brought out some consultants from AWS for training and we can admit to ourselves that we really don’t know how to make the move.

I plan to document as much of our transition as I can and hope others can benefit from our good and bad experiences.

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