Apple WATCH Experiment

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Getting an Apple Watch

This month I’m getting an anniversary bonus for being at my job for 10 years and I’m planning to splurge a little and get my self an Apple Watch. I have no idea how useful it will be, but I want to be able to get some sense of how it is making my life better or worse. Also, since it is a non-trivial expense, I want to give it as many opportunities to succeed as possible.

The Hypothesis

The Apple Watch will reduce the number of iPhone interactions and the tendency to use it to kill time.

The Baseline

To see if the Apple Watch is increasing or decreasing the complexity of my life, I need to determine where I am at currently.

My first assumption is that it will largely insert itself where I’m currently using my iPhone. Things like checking the time, controlling podcasts, and checking notifications are the areas likely to be affected by having and Apple Watch.

My second assumption is that there I times when I interact with the iPhone and then linger and get sucked into something unrelated.

From now until the time I get the Apple Watch I’m going to keep a log of how, when, and where I use my iPhone. For example, on the way to the gym this morning I used my iPhone to check the time and skip audio on my iPhone. I imagine I’ll do the same thing on the Apple Watch which will be convenient. What I’m really interested in is tracking when I do something like get a text and then start checking Twitter since the iPhone is already in hand and how that behavior changes if I start checking notifications from the Apple Watch.

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