Table Talk Quiz Development

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I just finished the majority of the development for Triglotta 2 which will be released on Reformation Day. This means it’s time to start the next side project. For the umpteenth time I’m going back to working on a quiz game. I’ve gone back and forth so many times about the pros and cons of educational games and the pros and cons of the types of games within that subgenre. I’m finally just going to try to build one and learn from the experience. This project will be a rewrite and reimagining of the Table Talk Radio app with new games and a simpler format to allow for more frequent content updates. I may not be able to include as many soundbites, but I will try to keep them as best as I can as that was a major feature, at least in my mind.

Multiple Learning Paths

As with all my side projects, one of my goals is to learn and improve various development skills. My major focuses will be on really understanding Swift, improving my use of Xcode, and learning about the new UI Test feature.

Blogging the Process

The other major component of this side project is my plan to blog about the progress or lack there of. My plan is to write lightly filtered thoughts about my thoughts, what’s working, what’s not, what I’m learning, what I need to learn, where I’m falling short, what’s hard, and really what ever comes to mind that I can look at later and see where my processes worked and where I can improve.

I don’t know if this will be useful for me or anyone else, but I want to take the time to examine what I’m doing instead of just plowing ahead without some introspection.

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