New Xcode Project

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Xcode Project Template Looks like Table Talk Quiz is a going to be a game.

Xcode Project Options That uses Swift and SpriteKit and includes unit and UI tests.

A new project is similar to a blank canvas or page for other creative people. It’s the place where the actual work of creating happens. It can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The possibility of greatness, failure, or mediocrity. The endless possibilities of what could be created.

Sometimes I actual talk and think the way I wrote the previous paragraph. I’ve exposed myself to various books and movies that have caused that type of writing and speaking to creep into who I am. It can sound lofty and fake even to me, but it comes out at times and that’s just who I am. I’m not a good enough writer or communicator to stick to one coherent style so I just have this jumbled mess. One of the reasons I fail at blogging is that I see this mix of styles, try to clean it up, and then just kill the whole thing because I’ve lost focus on the subject matter because of stylistic mattters.

The Deal

I’ve tried to write iOS quiz games at least 5 times. I have the projects sitting on my drive in various stages of incompletion. I even shipped one (Table Talk Radio) about 5 years ago, but I never iterated on it and I consider it incomplete. After building some momentum with the development of Triglotta 2, I think I found a rhythm that I can sustain and get me to final make the quiz game that I can ship and maintain.

What’s the game going to be like? Do I have a design? How am I going to make money from it? These are all questions that I’d like to answer, but 1) I don’t have all the questions answered and 2) I’m going to use the technique I used to sustain my work on Triglotta 2 and apply it to blogging which is to say I’m going to do a little every day. So I’m not going to attempt to answer all the questions in this post. As I hash various aspects of the project out I will post my thoughts and internal debates.


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