Beginning Again

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Proving once again that I have a difficult time sticking with a side project I’m going to focus my attention on a flash card app. I’m not abandoning the quiz app. The simple question and answer infrastructure as well as the ideas for fill in the blank, matching, and ordering questions will find their place in future projects whether specifically a quiz app? I’m not sure.

The reason for a flash card app is a renewed interest in memorizing Luther’s Small Catechism brought on by the work at Lutheran Catechism. I figure I can help myself and help others by building this app.

Additionally, I’m going to do a better job of blogging about the development of the app. I would like to see a bigger ecosystem of Lutheran apps and I hope that blogging about it will inspire someone to learn and create their own or push someone to say, “heck I can do that” and build something better.

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