The Aging Software Developer

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I’m approaching my 25th year as a software developer and I still love it. When I think about what I would do with my time if I could do anything I would study Lutheran theology and develop software. In fact, I would combine the two and develop software that required me to study Lutheran theology. However, as I get older there are several barriers that make it hard for me as a long-time member of the software development community to keep pace.

Enthusiasm of Youth

I’m not talking about how excited I am about working on software projects, I’m referring to the enthusiasm of jumping on the latest and greatest new technology. When I was young I would jump on anything that seemed new and hot. Forays into OpenDoc, Copeland, Dylan, Java Applets, DHTML, Swing apps, Facebook apps, Google App Engine, the Semantic Web, XSLT, SOAP, etc. have made me weary of pour my time and energy into technologies that end up going nowhere. Also, my definition of knowing a technology has changed. In my youth, if I wrote a toy program using a technology I would consider myself knowledgable. Now I would have to have used it in several projects and know the major strengths, weaknesses, and gotchas before I would say I knew a particular technlogy.

[Something about overcoming this]


Having two daughters, a wife, and a diversity of interests leaves me with less time to experiment with techology than 15 years ago. A Friday night that used to be spent staying up late and working on a side project has become squeezing in a half an hour to read a few pages in a programming book between the Friday night school fundrasier and going to bed so I can get up early ti take one of the girls to an activity Saturday morning.

[SOmething about overcoming this]

So Much New Stuff

[All the stuff I’m learning Angular, TypeScript, MyBatis, Node.js, Express.js, microservices, BDD, AWS]

[How do I choose which to use]

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