How Do I Document?

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I don’t have an answer to the question. I’m just riffing here. Trying to figure out how to create value for a yet to be determined audience.

There are multiple types of content even within each medium. I’m thinking of the vlogging vs screencasting. Both are video, but they show the difference between documenting and creating. I guess the ideal for me would be to create a project and document my progress. What I’m learning and then turn the progress each day into blogging or social media posts. I don’t know how this works into podcasting but the smaller posts I could turn into tutorials.

There would be three things that come out of this:

The project itself - I’m experimenting this right now with the Alexa Skills project. A more ambitious project would be the podcasting translation and hosting platform with AWS. I will document my daily progress and post those as social as Twitter or Instagram posts. I could also experiment with how to record programming sessions and post them to YouTube or Instagram or SnapChat. Turn the daily documents into a tutorial that I could turn that into a book or a course.

In the end I would build my project, an audience around that project and the technology I used to build it, and finally, a book and or course that could be monetized. This sounds like an ideal plan. So how do I start this?

First I need a project to start and a plan to document it in someway. I don’t know if that mean screencasts or video or just document by writing. I’d like to find some interesting way to talk about programming beyond just writing about it. Maybe I need to experiment with screencasting.

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