Being Successful

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When I listen to people talk about being successful my mind starts to jump around because I see so many layers to the idea of success that one word doesn’t capture it all for me.

Achieving a Goal

If I make a million (M) dollars next year am I a success? What if my expenses were 2M and my goal was 4M? What if my goal was 1M, but I had to lie to make all those sales? What if my goal was 1M but I had to focus so much on that goal that it lead to a divorce? What if my goal was 1M, but the product was a gag gift and didn’t add anything meaningful to people’s lives?

As you get into more abstract ideas like successful businesses, families, churches, etc. The lines on which you measure success multiply and make it more difficult to determine if you’ve achieved it or not. Also, the lines between success in one area cross and conflict with success in other areas.

Giving up on success

I think I’m pretty close to giving up on the idea of being successful. The idea that I can think or feel like I’ve arrived at some point where I am successful just doesn’t make sense to my current way of thinking. Success is for someone else and that doesn’t bother me in the least. Sure I will set and achieve goals and I will reach milestones, but will always take a back to seat to serving those who God has placed before me.

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