Angular Version Mayhem

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Getting started is a bigger chore than I thought it’d be.

Holy cow, the last 3+ hours have just been trying to get testing working under Angular. I kept hitting something where calling ‘require()’ would kill the test. I looked at tons of examples and everyone was handling the setup differently. Then I noticed that some package.json files were including ‘@angular/core’:2.0.0-rc.1 and some used ‘angular2’:2.0.0-beta.13. I played around with version and going from beta.15 to beta.16 would break the project and ‘angular2’ didn’t even have an rc version. I should have better prepared myself for this prerelease framework mayhem.

I tried grabbing projects from github and the npm install would fail or some other problems would pop up. I finally found the Angular QuickStart project which from the Angular team. I was skeptical that it would work as so much of the documentation and non-core resources are in disarray, but I downloaded it and was able to run trough the build and test phases which is better than any other project that included tests.

The read me states that while it is a starting point, it is not designed for production. I hope to learn where it isn’t suitable for production, but as of now it is certainly the best jumping off point for me. For the next development sessions and posts, I’m going to explore the layout of the QuickStart project and play with the tests to make sure I have a reasonable understanding of what is going on so I have a better chance fixing things when they inevitably break.

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