Apple and Beats

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I really enjoyed this interview with Black Eyed Peas front man and Beat co-founder He talks about Beats being a good cultural fit. He talks about how Beats is an aspirational brand for those who dream about being athletes and musicians. Apple has always been that for artists and designers. He hopes this inspires inner city kids to look at entrepreneurship as something to dream about.

On selling to Apple:

You have to look at it like, How is it good for kids in inner cities first? How do kids in inner cities not only dream about being athletes and musicians, but now, entrepreneurs, and bringers of new, disruptive, cool, lifestyle products. A whole new spirit just popped from this one announcement. The game has been elevated. No longer will [young kids say], “Yo, I got 16 bars. Yo, I’m out here hustlin.” It’s, “Yo, I educated myself so that I too can bring a consumer product to market. I too have ideas about the digital world. I too can be in the conversation.” And because it’s Beats by Dre, it’s going to happen in corners of America that you never thought would be bringing stuff to market.

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